Date: 2017          /        CATEGORY: Typography
Design based on the 2015 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate, Frei Otto. This project is a typographic series which includes a book, poster, cards and package design developed from the ideologies of Frei Otto. Otto is an architect who specialized in tensile structures. These tent like structures are membranes that are given their form due to where the stresses are made. This kind of architecture has seemingly infinite possibilities in form finding which is where I started with my concept of infinity, continuous narrative, and the use of transient/sustainable materials.
I use punctuation as a type of texture but also to guide the reader into new readings of the same material. This relates to Otto by how he uses a finite amount of membrane but continually finds different forms and meanings through his constant experimentations. These materials also represent the transience of his structures since they are recycled, cheap and disposable. This also relates back to the resourcefulness of Otto who constantly tried to use the least amount of materials possible.